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Training Camps

Our most popular programs


We offer boarding and trains from a 1 week to 8 weeks; pricing will be discussed after our initial free consultation. 

We offer 2 options for board and trains.  First option is when your dog stays at the facility throughout their training.  Option 2 is our VIP program, your dog lives with our owner and Master Trainer. 

Option 2 does come with additional fees. These options will be discussed in our consultation. 


Before booking a board and train, every family is required to do a 30min consultation in person to help decide which program would be best based on goals and realistic expectations.  All consultations are done at our facility. Keep in mind that we only take 4 board and trains at a time to ensure the proper time is spent with each dog.  So, there may be a wait to start your board and train.

What makes our board and trains more reliable?  At the end of the training, we will bring your dog home to you for the transfer.  We prefer doing this so we can see any hurdles you may face in their environment.   Our programs also come with built in follow ups.  Follow ups may be used at any time for any training that was done within the first year after training.  All board and train alumni are also allowed to attend any group classes for free.  We offer this to help with practicing with your dog in a controlled environment. 

Training Camp Options
Steps to reserve a training camp spot:
1. Call to schedule a free consultation.
2. Register online from the home page.
3. Sign boarding/training agreement
4. Deposit of 50% down is required to hold your spot

1-8 week programs

Quick Start:

1-2 week

1 week (5 days; M-F)- $675

2 week (14 days)- $1900

Read carefully.

The one- and 2-week board and train will only address 1-2 commands and NO behavior modifications, no anxiety, aggression or reactivity will be addressed in these 2 programs. 

What can be accomplished in 1-2 weeks?

Walk nicely on leash.

Place command.

Wait at the door.

Greet company without jumping.

With a 1–2-week program your dog will go home needing to still be on leash in the house to correct and redirect.  Meaning YOU will still need to work with them, this is NOT a fix program these are a lay the foundations programs.  These 2 programs are board and train programs.  The one week you would drop your dog off on Monday morning and pick up Friday afternoon. 

Let's get basic:

3 week- (21 days) $2850

What is taught in the 3 weeks?

Heel- walking on a loose leash around most distractions.

Sit, Down, Off, Place, Leave-it.

Recall- in the backyard and house only.

Moderate reactivity or anxiety- discussed at consultation.

Remember this is not an off-leash program so you will need a leash on your dog for them to comply until they learn you now know all of the commands and you will enforce them. 

The biggest difference between 3-week and the 4–8-week programs are the number of field trips your dog will go on during their training camp.  The longer your dog is here the more distraction and reputation work can be accomplished. 

Advanced Off Leash:

4-6 week-$3800-$5700

Your dog will learn all the commands above in the 3 week but on and off leash.  Along with a reliable recall off leash.  Some graduates of the 3 week program can come back for the advanced off leash and finish in 2-3 weeks if you have kept up with the training. 

Behavior Modification 

6-8 week- $5700-$7600

What your dog learns in this program will depend on the behavior.  This program is most beneficial for the "out of control" dog that needs a firm reset on rules, boundaries and limitations. Dog aggression, reactivity, some human aggression, extreme anxiety etc.  

Puppy Jumpstart:

3 weeks


What is taught in the puppy jumpstart?

Puppy jumpstart is for puppies up to 6mo and is exactly what it sounds like.  I will work on all the puppy basics like kennel training, house training, obedience foundations sit, down, off, leave it, drop it and place. Leash and public manner foundations will be taught as well.  Foundations meaning, they are introduced to these commands, but it is up to you to utilize them in everyday life when they come home in order from them to remember long term. 

 Puppy Raising Program is a 

 6mo program

The cost for this program is $18,000 for the 6mo.  You DO not need your puppy to set this program up.  It may be established before the puppy comes home. 

This program is designed to help you raise the best dog from day one.  The earlier you start implementing rules, boundaries, play and obedience the faster you will enjoy your dog.  Your puppy would live with our owner and master trainer for 6mo.  You will have weekly check-ins and sleep overs throughout the 6 mo.  This starts from the day you bring your new puppy home until they are 8mo old.  You also get a lifetime of continued training after they complete this course, if you are keeping up with the foundations laid.  If you slack and need it "fixed" then that would be an additional cost. 

All training services require a 30min scheduled consultation at the facility. Consultations are free of charge and are done Mondays and Fridays between 9AM-6PM or I do offer them every other Sunday 10a-2p.


To reserve a board and train, first, a consultation must be done.  After a program is decided on, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is due to hold your spot and the other 50% is due at check-in. I will email you all the training contracts needed and request your dog's vaccine and fecal records.   I am the only trainer so the limit is 6 per month so your training may not start right away. 

Please note that the training cost does not reflect any equipment needed. That will be billed at pick-up.

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