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Training Programs

The question everyone asks, "what is my style?"  This isn't as clear cut as it seems.  With 20yrs of training experience and attending multiple training workshops a year on top of being certified, I have become proficient in all styles, so I use that knowledge to work with the dog in front of me in whatever manner motivates that dog to work for me.  This isn't to say I don't correct.  I redirect when I can and I correct when needed.  Now, correct doesn't mean "hurt the dog" as many have in their head when they hear correct.   "Correct" may mean with hold a treat or toy until they do what was asked, or it may mean give pressure on a leash. It really depends on the dog and what they can handle.  I am never unbalanced in my praise or my correction. 



All training services require a 30min scheduled consultation at the facility with your dog. Consultations are free of charge and are done Mondays and Fridays between 10AM-6PM, they need to be scheduled, or I do offer them every other Sunday 10a-2p.


To reserve a board and train, first, a consultation must be done.  After a program is decided on, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is due to hold your spot and the other 50% is due at check-in. I will email you all the training contracts needed and request your dog's vaccine and fecal records.   I am the only trainer so the limit is 4 per month so your training may not start right away. 

Please note that the training cost does not reflect any equipment needed. That will be billed at pick-up.

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