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Training Programs

The most popular program is my board and trains.  I have anywhere from 1-week to 6-week programs.  Before signing up for any program a consultation is needed to make sure we are choosing the right one for you and your dog.  Each program is made based on each individual family goals and the dog's personalities.   I also offer private lessons, but these are limited and case dependent. 


The question everyone asks, "what is my style?"  This isn't as clear cut as it seems.  With 20yrs of training experience I have become proficient in all styles, so I use that knowledge to work with the dog in front of me in whatever manner motivates that dog to work for me.  This isn't to say I don't correct.  I redirect when I can and I correct when needed.  Now, correct doesn't mean "hurt the dog" as many have in their head when they hear correct.   "Correct" may mean with hold a treat or toy until they do what was asked, or it may mean give pressure on a leash. It really depends on the dog and what they can handle.  I am never unbalanced in my praise or my correction. 

Private Sessions

These are 1hr sessions once a week.  I offer a-la-cart and packages of 3 or 5.  Sessions are best for some families but not all, so I do require a consultation either by phone or in person to make sure this is the best option for you and your dog. 

A-La-Cart- $150 up to 30min of travel

Package of 3- $300 up to 30min of travel

Package of 5-$500 up to 30 min of travel

$25 additional fee for up to an hour of travel on way.  I do not offer private sessions over an hour away.  You are welcome to travel to me for sessions if you live over an hour away. 

Board and Trains

My board and trains are very different than your traditional set ups.   The dogs live with my family and I during their stay.  By doing it this way I can ensure the training will transfer faster and more efficiently because they are learning in a home environment that will mirror the best I can to their home life. 


Before booking a board and train, every family is required to do a 30min consultation either via phone or in person to help decide which program would be best based on goals and realistic expectations.  I do prefer to come to your house for the consultations, however it is not absolutely necessary.   I prefer to come because it helps me to visualize what their home life will be when they return. 

At the end of the training, I will bring your dog home to you for the transfer.  I prefer doing this so I can see any hurdles you may face in their environment.   My programs also come with built in follow ups.  Follow ups may be used at any time for any training that was done.  

Programs and Pricing

1, 2 and 3 week programs

Refresh Only

1 week- $950


2 week- $1900

Above the basics:

3 week- $2850

Puppy Jumpstart:

3 week- $3000


What is taught in the 1-week program?

1 week is a program for dogs that may have had previous training and just need a refresher, or 1 to 2 things only need to be taught.  This program is not recommended for any behavior cases.  Meaning no reactive dogs or extreme anxiety, no kennel training etc. 

What is taught in the 2 and 3 weeks?

Heel- walking on a loose leash around all distractions.

Sit, Down, Off, Place, Leave-it

Recall- in the backyard and house only

Remember this is not an off-leash program so you will need a leash on your dog for them to comply until they learn you now know all of the commands and you will enforce them. 

The biggest difference between the 2- and 3-week programs are the number of distractions your dog will learn to obey around.  Example if you live in a home with a lot going on the 3 weeks would benefit you the most.  But if it is just, you and you have a lot of free time to work with your dog after returning home then the 2 weeks may work for you.  This is something we would discuss in a consultation. 

What is taught in the puppy jumpstart?

Puppy jumpstart is for puppies up to 6mo and is exactly what it sounds like.  I will work on all the puppy basics like kennel training, house training, obedience foundations sit, down, off, leave it, drop it and place. Leash and public manner foundations will be taught as well.  Foundations meaning, they are introduced to these commands, but it is up to you to utilize them in everyday life when they come home in order from them to remember long term. 

Advanced Off Leash:

4 week- $3800

Your dog will learn all the commands above in the 2-3 week but on and off leash.  Along with a reliable recall off leash.  Some graduates of the 2-3 week program can come back for the advanced off leash and finish in 2-3 weeks if you have kept up with the training. 

6 week Behavior Modification 

6 week- $5700

What your dog learns in this program will depend on the behavior.  This program is most beneficial for the "out of control" dog that needs a firm reset on rules, boundaries and limitations. 

To reserve a board and train, first, a consultation must be done.  After a program is decided on, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is due to hold your spot and the other 50% is due at check-in. I will email you all the training contracts needed and request your dog's vaccine and fecal records.   I am the only trainer so the limit is 6 per month so your training may not start right away. 

Please note that the training cost does not reflect any equipment needed. That will be billed at pick-up.

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