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Boarding space is very limited so it is reserved for training dogs and alumni only.


Puppies can board as young as 10wks but will be kept separate from the other dogs.   Puppies and dogs over 4mo must be current on all vaccines and have a negative fecal every 6mo.  If your dog goes to dog parks or daycare we recommend your bordetella be done every 6mo. 


My boarding is very different from other facilities because it is in my home.  Your dogs will sleep in a kennel in the dog room.  The kennels are basic wire or plastic kennels.  I also have pens if needed.   The dogs are let out throughout the day to play, potty and or train. 

All dogs must be alumni so I know they get along with other dogs.  No dog aggressive dogs may board. 


Boarding is $65 per day. 

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