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Our facility has 24hr surveillance.  We have overnight security monitoring and a trained protection dog that stays in the lobby at night to make sure your dogs are safe at all times. 


Puppies can board as young as 10wks, but this is limited, and you will need to speak with our owner to make these arrangements. Puppies and dogs over 4mo must be current on all vaccines and have a negative fecal every 6mo.  If your dog goes to dog parks or daycare, we recommend your Bordetella be done every 6mo. 

Boarding services do require a three-hour evaluation before attending. Evaluations are $35 and take place Tuesday through Thursday with drop off between 7AM and 9AM.


Our boarding is very different from other facilities because we only board dogs that we are familiar with.  Your dogs will sleep in a kennel or run in our dog room.   The dogs will be walked throughout the day to play, potty and or train. 

All dogs must be current clients to board.  We do this for safety reasons for our staff and other dogs. If you would like to use our facility for boarding only, please schedule a day assessment. We require your dog to stay with us for at least 3hrs and the assessment is $35. 


Boarding is $60 per day and is all inclusive. 

No extra charges for walks, playtimes, give medications or day care play.

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